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Jilin City Travel Guide
Jilin City is the second large city in Jilin Province and also the only city that has the same name with its province. Jilin was originally called ˇ°Jilin Wulaˇ±, means ˇ°the city along the riverˇ± in Man language. It total area is 27,120 square kilometers and has a population of 4,514,000, the mainly Nationalities is Han and Man.
Jilin City is located on the Songnen Plain at the end of the Changbai Mountain Range, the east of the central Jilin Province. Bounded on the north by Heilongjiang Province, Bordering with Yanbian Korea Nationality Autonomous Region to the east, and neighbors the capital city, Changchun, in the west.
Jilin Province Map, Jilin City Map



Weather & Temperature
Jilin belongs to a temperate continental monsoon climate. Located at a high altitude, the city has four distinct seasons, among which the winter is especially long and chilly. Due to the terrain, the temperature drops accordingly with increasing heights from the northwest to the southeast. January is the coldest month of a year with an average temperature of -18C.

  Jilin Attractions
Jilin Rimed Trees

Jilin City is rich in its tourism resources. Songhua Lake is recognized as the national tourist zone, the Jilin Rimed Trees are praised as one of the four nature wonders in China, and the Deer Farm is ranked as the national scenic spots in China. the Beidahu Ski Resort is regarded as the largest and most advanced skiing ground with the most advantageous natural conditions for skiing. The Meteorite Museum has on display many samples of iron meteorites and stony iron and well as one of the largest stone meteorites in the world.


Travel Tips
With a long history, Jilin City, one of 32 largest cities in China, was named as an opening city of the first rate and as the ˇ°historical and cultural city of Chinaˇ± by the State Council. As the the important politics, economy and military center in the northeast China, Jilin city has established a modern network of Transportation. Airline, railway and expressway are all available here.

The most numerous street in Jilin City is the Chongqing Road. Jilin City is one of the places that multi-nationality inhabited. The strong national features of Wula Street Man folk custom, Aladi Village, Xingguang Korea folk custom attract a great number of tourists from home and abroad.


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