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Lakeside Great Wall of Huanghuacheng

Located in Jiuduhe Town, the Huanghuacheng Lakeside Great Wall was built in the second year during the reign of Yong Le in the Ming Dynasty. A reservoir built nearby in 1970s transformed the look of the Wall, submerging it at three places, hence its name.

A task force composed of experts from some Great Wall research institutes, such as the China Great Wall Research Society, conducted a ten-month investigation on the Huanghua- cheng Great Wall and confirmed the three submergences. These sites concentrate in the Xishuiyu section and the longest one goes under water for over 50 meters, while the other two for over 30 and 20 meters, respectively. The submerged walls can still be clearly seen on site.

huanghuacheng lakeside

According to Mr. Geng Liutong, an expert from the Society, the Wall was not built in the water, but submerged later after the building of the Xishuiyu Reservoir. Similar phenomenon can only be found at the famous Shanhai Pass, but even there, the sight of the Great Wall going in and out of the water at three places in different ways, like what we see here at the Huanghuacheng Great Wall Reserve, is no where to find.

The Lakeside Great Wall Reserve presents visitors with a unique landscape of ˇ°wall in water and water by wallˇ±. Its uniqueness has drawn government attention. It has been reported that Beijing Municipal Government has listed its restoration as a cultural relic protection project for adding humane elements to the Olympic Games 2008. Now, the Lakeside Great Wall Reserve is receiving more and more visitors with each passing day.

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