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Mandarin Ducks of Huanghuacheng

In addition to its beautiful environment, the Lakeside Great Wall Reserve boasts lush vegetations, mild temperature, and sufficient water supply. It is a paradise for many wild plants and animals. Among them, mandarin ducks in their countless groups attract the most attention.

An animal under national type-two protection, wild mandarin ducks are now a rarity. In autumn, the period of a year when these birds are the most active, they set up their homes in the Lakeside Great Wall Reserve.

huanghuacheng mandarin ducks

Visitors to the Reserve are amazed by the sight on the Haoming Lake. Several hundred pairs of mandarin ducks are playing and feeding there. Some swim peacefully on the lake and some soar high into the sky, turning the beautiful Reserve into an even more charming place.

Known as a bird of love, they form stable pair throughout their life. On the lake, these lovers enjoy each other¡¯s company and whisper to each other their sweet nothings: gu, gu, gu. Love is in the air. No wonder a poet once sighed: ¡°I envy no immortals but mandarin ducks.¡±

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