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Beijing Subway Fares
Beijing subway have two kinds of fares, one is the single-ride tickets, which is costs RMB 2.00, it is a flat fare with unlimited transfers applies to all lines except the Airport Express, which costs RMB 25.00 per ride. Children less than 1.2m in height ride for free when accompanied by a paying adult.

Another Beijing Subway fares is the integrated circuit card (ICC card) that can store credit for multiple rides, also called Yikatong in Chinese, that need to pay RMB 20 deposit, plus whatever amount you want to put on the card, Yikatong is also accepted on many city buses in Beijing.


How to Buy the Tickets :
For most of foreign tourist, you can purchase a single-ride tickets at counters or vending machines in every station, you had better to take some change such as £¤1£¬£¤5£¬or £¤10. It's easy to find a counter like the one pictured below which is selling tickets. Nowadays it conveniently states "Tickets" along with the Chinese, and the vending machines is offen beside of the counters, it's also very easy to purchase a tickets.
Ticket counters in Beijing Subway
Vending machines at Beijing Subway

Ticket counters

Vending machines

How to use the Tickets :
After buying your ticket you then proceed down the stairs to the platforms. Nowadays Beijing have many lines of subway, so you need to make sure which lines that you want to take, especially at the transfer station, there has the Sign both in Chinese and English.

The use of tickets hand checked by clerks was phased out on June 9, 2008. Now, all lines now collect fares through automatic fare collection machines that accept single-ride tickets and Yikatong, you should to move your ticket close to the sensor of the electronic barriers, the automatic gates will open and proceed through the barriers. Signs on either side of the tracks tell you the upcoming stations, so have a look to see which side you need to join the train on.
Electronic barriers of Beijing Subway

Electronic barriers


Subway Tickets Recycle:
After get on the train, You might see the signs which show the next stations, you could count your stops to get off or transfer. announcements are in Chinese and English. after you arrived your destination and get off the tarin, you should put your ticket in the automatic barriers. offers online information on Beijing Subway and More transportation of Beijing. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

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