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In addition to the 8 lines currently in operation, there are at least 7 lines with 164 km of track length now under construction (Lines 4, 6, 8 Phase II, 9, 10 Phase II and commuter lines to Daxing and Yizhuang). Work on six more Lines 7, 14, 15 and the Fangshan, Changping and Western Suburban Lines are set to begin in 2009. Overall, Beijing's rapid transit rail network is expected to reach 561 km in length by 2015.

The new lines will significantly expand the subway's coverage, especially south and west of the city. Running parallel to Line 5 but further west will be Line 4 and Line 9. Flanking either side of Line 1 will be Line 6 and Line 7. Line 10, when fully completed, will form a complete loop around Line 2. Line 8 will extend the Olympic Branch Line north to Line 13 and south to Line 2. Line 14 will run from the southwest to the northeast. The Daxing, Yizhuang, Fangshan, Changping and Western Suburban Lines will connect outlying districts to the Beijing Subway.


Map of Beijing subway lines

Lines identified in future subway plans
The following lines have been identified in future expansion plans for the Beijing Subway. Aside from Phase III of Line 8, all are expected to be built by 2015.

An earlier draft of the subway plan had Line 3 running from Xiaomeichang to Cuigezhuang, Line 11 from Songjiazhuang to the Yizhuang Railway Station, and Line 12 from Beijing South Station to Huangcun. Half of that Line 3 route has been folded into Line 6. The Line 11 route is now being built as the Yizhuang Line. The newly built Beijing South Station has only subway platforms for Lines 4 and 14. Subway planning authorities have since indicated that Lines 3, 11, 12 and 16 are still being planned for the more distant future, but have not finalized on the routes for these lines. offers online information on Beijing Subway and More transportation of Beijing. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

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