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The Beijing Subway have 123 stations currently in operation with 8 lines. all the stations is selling the single-ride tickets is costs RMB 2.00, it is a flat Subway Fares with unlimited transfers applies to all lines except the Airport Express, which costs RMB 25.00 per ride. The following is a list of stations found within the Beijing Subway.

Pingguoyuan 苹果园 (= Apple Garden)
Guchenglu 古城 (= Old City)
Bajiao Amusement Park 八角游乐园
Babaoshan 八宝山 (= Mountain of Eight Treasures)
Yuquanlu 玉泉路 (YUQUAN Road = Jade Spring Road)
Wukesong 五棵松 (= Five Pines)
Wanshoulu 万寿路 (WANSHOU Road = Longevity Road)
Gongzhufen 公主坟 (= Princess Tomb)
Military Museum 军事博物馆
Muxidi 木樨地
Nanlishilu 南礼士路 (South LISHI Road)
Fuxingmen 复兴门 (= Gate of Revival, transfer to Line 2)
Xidan 西单 (= Western Single-Archway)
Tian'anmen West 天安门西
Tian'anmen East 天安门东
Wangfujing 王府井
Dongdan 东单 (= Eastern Single-Archway, transfer to Line 5)
Jianguomen 建国门 (transfer to Line 2)
Yonganli 永安里
Guomao 国贸 (China World Trade Centre)
Dawanglu 大望路
Sihui 四惠 (transfer to Batong Line)
Sihui East 四惠东 (transfer to Batong Line)

Batong Line
Sihui 四惠 (transfer to Line 1)
Sihuidong 四惠东 (transfer to Line 1)
Gaobeidian 高碑店
Communication University of China 传媒大学
Shuangqiao 双桥 (= Two Bridges)
Guanzhuang 管庄
Baliqiao 八里桥
Tongzhoubeiyuan 通州北苑
Guoyuan 果园 (= Fruit Garden)
Jiukeshu 九棵树 (= Nine Trees)
Liyuan 梨园 (= Pear Garden)
Linheli 临河里
Tuqiao 土桥 (= Earth Bridge)
Fuxingmen 复兴门 (= Gate of Revival)
Fuchengmen 阜成门 (= Gate of Abundant)
Chegongzhuang 车公庄 (= CHE's Village)
Xizhimen 西直门 (= The Western Gate, transfer to Line 13)
Jishuitan 积水潭 (= Water-Collecting Pool)
Gulou Dajie 鼓楼大街 (= The Great Drum Tower Street)
Andingmen 安定门 (= The Gate of Safety, commonly the Northern Gate)
Yonghegong Lama Temple 雍和宫 (= The Palace of Harmony and Peace / Lama Temple)
Dongzhimen 东直门 (= The Eastern Gate, transfer to Line 13)
Dongsi Shitiao 东四十条 (= 10th Alley of Eastern 4-Archway)
Chaoyangmen 朝阳门 (= Gate Facing Toward the Sun)
Jianguomen 建国门 (= National Reconstruction Gate; transfer to Line 1)
Beijing Railway Station 北京站 (Beijing Railway Station)
Chongwenmen 崇文门 (= Gate of Cultural Veneration)
Qianmen 前门 (= The Facing Gate, commonly the Southern Gate)
Hepingmen 和平门 (= Gate of Peace)
Xuanwumen 宣武门 (= Gate of Military Declaration)
Changchunjie 长椿街 (= Changchun Street [Longevity Street])
天通苑北 Tiantongyuan North
天通苑 Tiantongyuan
天通苑南 Tiantongyuan South
立水桥 Lishuiqiao (换13号线 Transfer to Line 13)
立水桥南 Lishuiqiao South
北苑路北 Beiyuanlu North (BEIYUAN Road North)
大屯路东 Datunlu East (DATUN Road East)
惠新西街北口 Huixinxijie Beikou (North-Junction of HUIXIN West Street)
惠新西街南口 Huixinxijie Nankou (South-Junction of HUIXIN West Street, 换10号线 Transfer to Line 10)
和平西桥 Hepingxiqiao (HEPING West Bridge)
和平里北街 Hepingli Beijie (HEPINGLI North Street)
雍和宫 Yonghegong Lama Temple (换2号线 Transfer to Line 2)
北新桥 Beixinqiao
张自忠路 Zhangzizhonglu (ZHANGZIZHONG Road)
东四 Dongsi
灯市口 Dengshikou
东单 Dongdan (换1号线 Transfer to Line 1)
崇文门 Chongwenmen (换2号线 Transfer to Line 2)
磁器口 Ciqikou
天坛东门 Tiantandongmen (East Gate of the Temple of Heaven)
蒲黄榆 Puhuangyu
刘家窑 Liujiayao
宋家庄 Songjiazhuang (换亦庄线 Transfer to Yizhuang Line)

Line 13

Xizhimen 西直门 (interchange to Loop line)
Dazhongsi 大钟寺 (Great Bell Temple)
Zhichunlu 知春路
Wudaokou 五道口
Shangdi 上地
Xi'erqi 西二旗
Longze 龙泽
Huilongguan 回龙观
Huoying 霍营
Lishuiqiao 立水桥
Beiyuan 北苑
Wangjing West 望京西
Shaoyaoju 芍药居
Guangximen 光熙门
Liufang 柳芳
Dongzhimen 东直门 (interchange to Loop line [Line 2])

Line 8 (Olympic Branch Line)

森林公园南门 South Gate of Forest Park
奥林匹克公园 Olympic Green
奥体中心 Olympic Sports Center
北土城 Beitucheng (换十号线 Transfer to Line 10)
巴沟 Bagou
苏州街 Suzhoujie
海淀黄庄 Haidian Huangzhuang (换4号线 Transfer to Line 4 (2009.9))
知春里 Zhichunli
知春路 Zhichunlu (换13号线 Transfer to Line 13)
西土城 Xitucheng
牡丹园 Mudanyuan
健德门 Jiandemen
北土城 Beitucheng (换8号线 Transfer to Line 8)
安贞门 Anzhenmen
惠新西街南口 Huixinxijie Nankou (换5号线 Transfer to Line 5)
芍药居 Shaoyaoju (换13号线 Transfer with Line 13)
太阳宫 Taiyanggong
三元桥 Sanyuanqiao (换机场快轨 Transfer to the Airport Express (ABC[Airport-Beijing-City]))
亮马桥 Liangmaqiao
农业展览馆 Agricultural Exhibition Center
团结湖 Tuanjiehu
呼家楼 Hujialou
金台夕照 Jintaixizhao
国贸 Guomao (换1号线 Transfer to Line 1)
双井 Shuangjing
劲松 Jinsong
Airport Express

东直门 Dongzhimen (换二、十三号线 Transfer with Lines 2 and 13)
三元桥 Sanyuanqiao (换十号线 Transfer with Line 10)
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