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Increasing Capacity: With new lines drawing more riders to the network and the fare reduction making rides more affordable, the subway has experienced severe overcrowding, especially during the rush hour. Operators have often been forced to skip transit stops to avoid delay-induced overcrowding on one line from spilling over to other lines. In response, the subway upgraded signal equipment to increase the frequency of trains and added to the capacity of subway trains. The minimum wait-time has been reduced to 2.5 min. for Lines 1 & 2; 3 min. for Lines 5, 13 & Batong; 3.5 min. for Line 10 and 15 min. for the Airport Line. Lines 13 and Batong have converted 4-car to 6-car trains.

Cellular Network Coverage: Mobile phones can currently be used throughout the system, except for in the tunnels between stations on Lines 1 and 2. There are plans for all lines and stations to have cellular coverage.


Access for the Physically Disabled:
Each of the subway's 123 stations is equipped with ramps, lifts, or elevators to facilitate wheelchair access. Newer model train cars now provide space to accommodate wheelchairs. the Automated audio announcements for incoming trains are available in all lines except for Line 1. Inside trains on all lines, audio stations announcements are made in Mandarin Chinese and English.
Access for the Physically Disabled in Beijing subway

Facilitate Wheelchair Access


Automatic Fare Collection System: Each station has between two and fifteen ticket vending machines. Ticket vending machines in Line 5, 8, 10 stations and several of the Line 1 and 2 stations can also add credit to Yikatong cards.


Emergency Planning:
After witnessing several serious subway accidents in the Republic of Korea (e.g. Daegu subway fire in February 2003), the Beijing Subway removed all shops and vendors from the inside of subway stations and installed self-illuminating exit signs to facilitate emergency evacuations. The popular underground mall at the Xidan station was also closed. offers online information on Beijing Subway and More transportation of Beijing. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

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