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Beijing Accommodation consists of a great number of hotels, that include Budget, Cheap, and many rivalling the highest international standards. many accommodation options in varying rates. Other than Beijing Hotels, budget travelers can seek for the low rated Hostels, youth hostels and such other facilities. here are offers the top 10 accommodation tips in Beijing.

1. Area options

Distances in Beijing are vast and roads are perpetually choked with traffic, so if you doní»t want to spend half your visit sat in the back of a succession of taxis, be careful when choosing your hotel. Unless business requires you to be elsewhere, then aim to stay as close to the Forbidden City as possible. In a choice of east side versus west, favor the former, for its better restaurants and shopping.

Beijing Hotels
2. Hotel standards

For international standards of comfort and service, stick to five-star hotels managed by familiar Western chains, or the Singapore and Hong Kong-based luxury companies. Chinese-run operations do their best to emulate foreign hotels but typically the only way in which they come close is in the pricing.

3. Star system

The Chinese star system of grading hotels is meaningless, since no star is ever lost once it has been given, despite sometimes dramatic deterioration.

4. Something different  

Other than a couple of pricey options (the Red Capital Residence and the Commune at the Wall), the boutique hotel has yet to catch on in China. However, what Beijing does have is lots of the courtyard hotels. These are conversions of traditional siheyuan (Courtyard Houses) in old hutong (alley) areas of the city. These vary in price and degree of comforts from budget to expensive luxury options.

Beijing courtyard hotels
5. Booking and bargaining  

For most foreign-run hotels the best price will be found on the hotelí»s own website. However, websites for Chinese hotels will always quote a wildly inflated rack rate. In China, the real price of a hotel room is what the customer is willing to pay. Locals will always ask for a discount and you should too ĘC you can do this by email if you are booking in advance from overseas.

6. Payment  

Outside of the major international hotels you may find that only Chinese versions of well-known credit cards are accepted, so make a point of asking when you check in. Hotel foreign exchange facilities are becoming less reliable and holders of travelerí»s checks in particular, may be sent to a bank. In more modest hotels always be prepared to settle your bill in renminbi. Also, be aware that it is normal for most Chinese-run hotels to ask for payment of your room in advance.

7. Hidden extras  

Service charges of between five and fifteen percent are frequently added to the final bill, so clarify this at the start. Minibar contents are as overpriced in China as they are anywhere else, but international telephone calls made from your room are subject to only a modest surcharge.

8. Seasonal demand  

The Sep. 16 to Nov. 15 is considered peak season in Beijing, the Shoulder season is form Mar. 16 to Sep. 15, and the low season is from Nov. 16 to Mar. 15. The busiest travel periods are during the week-long national holidays that occur around May 1 and October 1, and during the Chinese New Year. If you are planning to be in China at any of these times then you should make any hotel (and domestic travel) reservations well in advance.

Beijing Seasonal demand
9. Traveling with kids

Most hotels allow under-12s to stay with their parents free of charge. Most will also add an extra bed for an older child for a nominal (and negotiable) fee.

10. Tipping

Traditionally there is no tipping in China and hotel staff may even try to return money that is left for them. offers online information on Beijing Accommodation tips and More travel tips of Beijing. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

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