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Beijing Safety Tips

Beijing is a very safe city, especially in comparison with alot of other major cities around the world. but some of Crime and Bad Habits is also a big issue in Beijing China. Pay special attention when you travel in crowded public area.

Watch your wallets!

Be really careful when visiting most popular tourist attractions such as Temple of Haeven or Forbidden City. They are also the most common places: shopping districts, on the bus or subway. So NEVER carry your wallet, documents and other important things in front pockets of your rucksack or your bag or in your pockets (even if they have zippers). Put those things somewhere REALLY safe.

Beijing Police
Far away Strangers!

Never talk with strangers, whose maybe the beggars or Pickpockets, if they talk to you had better keep walk, and don't accept free drinks or food from people you dont know. Being drugged and waking up only with your clothes have happened some times.

Crossing street Carefully!

Many Beijing driver do not give priority to the walking people/bicycle, on the other side, the people sometimes ignore the trafic signal and the car as well, go ahead anyway regardless the colour of the sign!

Always be careful while passing the street, don't follow those who ignore the traffic regulation (many of those are migrants from rural area, don't know how dangous it is). Bear in mind that many of our drivers are new! offers online information on Beijing Safety tips and More travel tips of Beijing. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

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