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Beijing Language Tips

Learn a little bit of Chinese before you go over to China! If you're staying in hotels (even a four star) you may encounter problems with communicating with staff if you have any difficulties. A phrase book could be very handy although it may be a good idea to master a few words (with correct tones!) before you arrive.

Useful Basic words

Putonghua = "Common language" or Mandarin is the official language of China of over a billion people. It is actually a dialect originally spoken around Beijing. The basic words proved useful enough for travelers, when you first arrived in the city, and atleast allowed to locate and book in at a nearby hotel. It is not impossible to learn enough Mandarin to read the signs and speak a few simple phrases.

Language in Beijing
Ni hao = Hello
Xiexie = thank you
Zai Jian = Good bye
Dui Bu Qi = Sorry
Wo shi = I am
Zai jian = Bye Bye
By Taxi
Wo qu = I want to
Zuo = Turn left
You = Turn right
Zhi Zou = Straight ahead
Man = Slow down
Ting = Stop

duo shao qian = How much
Tai gui le = Too expensive
Bu yao = I don't want it
Da le = Too big
Xiao le = Too small


Cai dan = Menu
Hao chi = Good
Kan pei = Bottoms Up
Peng Pei = Cheers
Bao le = I am full offers online information on Beijing Language tips and More travel tips of Beijing. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

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