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Beijing Travel Guide
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Prepare Travelling Beijing

Besides the large bag and the hand bags, keep an empty extra bag in the large bag you will be checking in. In the last day of your Beijing trip you will be amazed how much stuff you have bought. here offers a preparing list you need to prepare before travelling Beijing!!

Clothes and Shoes

Summer: light and comfortable clothes can be easily washed and dried (cotton T-shirts are best).
Winter: Down garment or winter jacket, hat, ear protectors, scarf, gloves.
Spring and autumn: Sturdy, warm and washable clothes, comfortable jacket, sweater, casual coat.

Shoes: comfortable and waterproof walking shoes, running shoes, and for formal occasions some dressy shoes.

1. Passport and Visa
2. Air tickets
3. Copies of your most important documents (passport, ID card, visa card, etc.)
4. Travel Insurance papers
5. Emergency Card with your full name, address, phone number
6. Embassy phone number
Must Bring

1. Cold and cough medicine
2. Centrum (vitamins)
3. Camera, films, batteries, recharger(If you have a digital camera bring at least 2 chips of 1GB)
4. Money: Credit card and cash (when using the ATM of Bank of China remember you will have to pay the taxes, so, try to withdraw the maximum)
5. A piece of paper with the address of the hotel you will be staying (with Chinese characters, if possible)
6. Lotion cream (This is very important, especially in October, November and December, you can expect then very dry weather)


1. A guide book with Chinese translation
2. A Beijing Map
3. A water bottle
4. Pen
5. Small notebook
6. Sun glasses offers online information on Beijing Sightseeing tips and More travel tips of Beijing. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

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