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Beijing Eating Tips

If you like to eating and driking then Beijing is the good place to be. The selection of Chinese food can take years to sample and there are plenty of western food restaurants with more popping up all the time. Where do you start and what to alert? Here are a eating tips in Beijing China.

Cost of Eating?

Eating in Beijing ranges from the simple street stand, to the small family owned restaurant, to the big imported chains which are now springing up all over. as a Budget Beijing Restaurants where 2 people can eat a hearty meal for between 50 RMB - 100 RMB, At the mid-range restaurant level 2 people can eat a good meal for between 100 RMB -200 RMB. and the price range of the Top-end restaurants is anything from 200 RMB - 400 RMB for a meal for 2 people.

Beijing Restaurants
How to Order?

Ordering for the most part is a daunting process for most foreign visitors. most menus are completely in Chinese and daunting even for someone who's studied Chinese for many years. To help you out, we've prepared a Handy menu guide of Chinese name to English name, maybe you could not memorize the pronunciation in quickly. and You can just print out, cut into pieces and hand to your waiter.

Tipping in China?

Many foreign travelers to China don't really know whether they should leave a tip or not as they have a lunch or dinner at chinese restaurant, Well China is one of the exceptional countries on the world, where tipping is NOT the norm in local restaurants, Of course if you go to a more upscale (western) restaurant and you are very satisfied with the food/service you can leave a tip and the staff will be able to grasp the concept.

Eating with Local Friends  

Chinese are generous people, they usually like to offer dinner/lunch to friends when we have foreign friends. and most of Chinese has the habit to order sometimes much more than what they can finish, apart from the habit(good or bad), this is the way to show the warmth and sincerity. so do not feel uncomfortable and Try to remind your local friends not order too much, This is not wasting food purpusely. However, for birthday celebrations, its the host that pays...and oh! There's even seating arrangements too...the host (the one paying) sits facing the door.

Drinking with Local Friends

When you drink with the Chinese, they would toast their glasses lower than yours to indicate respect. Sometimes, a fight to lower toast glasses would end up equal on the ground! and There has a very famous and local chinese word "Kan Pei", it means Bottoms Up, If you mean Cheers, don't simply say "Kan Pei" and take a sip or two. This will not be taken easily by locals as it is seen as being not sincere having saying one thing and doing the other. the Cheers in Chinese is "Peng Pei".

Kan Pei offers online information on Beijing Eating tips and More travel tips of Beijing. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

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