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Most of Beijing big stores and supermarkets have fixed prices but in small places where they don't show prices, It's worth learning the art of haggling when you want to buying gifts and souveniers, here we offers a shopping tips in Beijing.
"Tourist shop trap"
With most budget tour operators you will be required to spend hours of your day in overpriced tourist shops or factorys so they can collect commissions. These stops "factory" are usually not on the itinerary and just "come up". such as the Jade, Silk, Pearl, etc. maybe where you can learn about how a select product is made. but the main purpose of these places is to sell you their products though. So if you want to far away the tourist shops, choose a good value tours, not the cheapest.
Beijing tourist Jade Factory
"Rip you off"

When shopping try not to carry any backpack or lots of bags with you because people will notice right away that you are a tourist. You should be very fluent in saying 'duo shao qian', that means, 'how much'. If you pronounce it very accurately they will probably think that you live in Beijing, so they might not rip you off.

Bargaining Heavily
You really know how to bargain, when you visit China. Buying from small merchants, such as in the Beijing Xiu Shui Silk Market, they always name ungodly prices for their goods...whatever price they give you, just tell them you'll pay only half of that. which ususally is still making money for them, since they mark up the prices so much.
Art of haggling  

Never buy anything without bargaining HEAVILY. Be prepared to walk away, cause most of the time if you're not happy with their marked up prices and you start to walk away, they will actually call you back and sometimes physically drag you back to talk more. don't give in any, at that time, they are usually compromise with your price!

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