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Beijing Travel Guide
Great Wall Hiking Trip
Beijing Sightseeing Tips

If you want to have a good Beijing shightseeing, bring a good City map 1st. while the map must has only the locations of the attractions in Beijing. but also it had better has detailled maps of the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Badaling Great Wall, Fragrant Hills and so on.

Avoide the Crowds

CROWDS! Everywhere and every time in hottest scenic spots. such as the Badaling Great Wall follows the rules, and it is a long stripe of people slowly gliding upon a rocky construction. No matter where you look, there is people. Try to make a picture, and, even being selective, it will be filled with strangers. So, give up or Choose a original section, such as the Simatai Great Wall. there are a seldom of people and good view.

Crowds on Badaling
Avoide Tour Scams

"Don't worry! There will be sufficient time for you to shop for merchandise at the conclusion of our brief stop here at the factory..." Sound familiar? If you thought you were going straight to the Badaling Great Wall on an organized tour then you probably lost an hour of hiking. all the only $20/p.p day tours must pay a one time price at the 'special places', so carefully select a travel agent, avoide the Tour Scams in Beijing. Beijing No shopping tours

Taking Photos Carefully

Many a picture awaits you in Beijing. but If you want to take pictures of strangers or street scenes with people, make sure to get their permission for the photo or do it without detection. Also it's very common locals come across when you are taking a picture.

Useful Guide Book

Make sure you bring a Guide Book with you (obviously written in your local language), but make sure alongside every attraction heading, it has the Chinese name written in Chinese alongside. I found however hard I tried, the taxi drivers could not understand my attempts at Chinese, but most could read the Chinese in the guidebook. as soon as you arrive in your hotel, make sure you get a card from your hotel that has their name and address in Chinese too, for the same reasons. offers online information on Beijing Sightseeing tips and More travel tips of Beijing. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

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