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Beijing means not just wonderful sightseeings and beautiful architecture... means also traffic. Depending on the hour, you can find yourself stuck into a traffic jam without comparison with western ones... But most of the time there is heavy traffic but it at least flows.

Latest Statistics

Currently, The Beijing city now has more than 16 million residents, has about 3.5 million vehicles. included 2.2 million private cars, 67 thousand taxies, 70 thousands public buses, 20 thousand rickshaws and 9 million bicycles. As the Chinese gets richer, private car use will zoom ahead... Beijing alone now adds nearly 1500 cars to its roads every day.

Heavy Traffic jam in Beijing
Heavy Traffic jam

Be aware that the traffic jam can make you loose a lot of time. Most Beijingers now work Monday through Friday. the real traffic jam usually doing at 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. If you have decided to take a taxi to see the nightshows in Beijing, for example the Beijing Opera showing at 7:30 pm, then try to make a good timetable, so that you will not miss it because of all the traffic...

Crazy Driving

There are plenty of people in Beijing and driving can be an adventure. Most of them was a very daring professional driver who would use the whole of the road. Cars honk their horns just to let you know their there not necessarily in offense of poor driving like in the states. They drive on the shoulder and easily cut in when they needed to and there were no complaints from the other drivers, they just accepted it whereas this would incite road rage back home.

Pedestrians Be Aware

In the intersections, the pedestrians move inches near bikers, rickshaws and cars. Apparently, the Chinese developed some kind of kungfu dexterity, because they seem to be very calm about it. so do pay a lot of attention when crossing the streets - there are lot of cars and innovative drivers there, Whenever possible, use bridges or underground crossings is best. offers online information on Beijing Traffic tips and More travel tips of Beijing. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

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