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Beijing Recreation Tips

With the emergence of a class of young, upwardly mobile Beijingers and the influx of visitors from other countries, recreational facilities have blossomed throughout the city. Most major hotels catering to foreigners have state-of-the-art exercise equipment (weights, cardio machines) and swimming pools, and many have spas and wellness centers.

Aerobics Classes

Chinese are learning through trial and error, so prices and amenities often change. Ask at your hotel about aerobics classes, instruction in tai chi chuan, ballroom dancing, yoga, Pilates and other organized activities that are showing up around town. There are also modern fitness-center franchises such as the California Fitness, Yao Ming Sport Club and Total Fitness, located mostly in the Chaoyang District. but most of these places require memberships.

Beijing Recreation
Tai chi chuan

Tai chi chuan evolved from an ancient Chinese martial art known as qigong and is believed to integrate mind, body and spirit. Practitioners move through a series of continuous, rhythmic exercises, called forms, which resemble slow-moving ballet and stretching. Benefits of tai chi include reducing stress, promoting balance and flexibility, and even easing arthritis pain.


Golf has become the latest sporting craze in China. You can get plenty of information (and advice) about golf in the Beijing area at Frank's Place, which is located near the Lido. The receptionists and attendants at the golf courses may not speak English, so you may need an interpreter to reserve tee times. Greens fees range 80 yuan-600 yuan during the week, 100 yuan-1,000 yuan on weekends. You'll need to reserve a tee time on weekends.

Horseback Riding
There are several places for horseback riding outside of Beijing. The most popular is the Kangxi Grasslands, about 50 mi/80 km north of the city. But Bashang, a large grasslands area 185 mi/300 km north of Beijing in Hebei province, is considered one of the finest locations. The easiest way to go is to join an organized tour group.
Other Options

Beijing also has many recreation facilities of night life scene, such as the theaters, nightclub, bars, disco and karaoke rooms. all these places are already rigged out to welcome their wave of customers. It won't be long before city dwellers and tourist have a variety of choices to enjoy. offers online information on Beijing Recreation tips and More travel tips of Beijing. Keep browsing our site for more information on China.

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